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t h e o b a l d
13 July 2015 @ 05:21 pm

theo . 17 . 11/02 ( ♒ ) . ♂ . AB . indonesia
BASICS ☼ asian/somewhat turkish - japanese. still living with mom and dad. kind of a tsundere butnotrly. high school student in his senior year. thinks too much about a lot of things. tries his best to find true happiness. is somewhat a fail!jock. has a passion for culinary arts and music. loves doing anything weird and interesting. is a hopeless romantic (?).

LOVES ❤ gourmet food. junk food. healthy food. any kind of music that doesn't bleed the ears. helping people with their problems. broadway. mai ps3. optimism. smiles and laughter. girls who are like ugly betty. girls who are like anne hathaway. that girl next door lol idek. being a closet pervert. kink memes. seeing sexy fictional characters who will never be mine. getting nosebleeds owait.

HATES ✂ not being self sufficient. parents who nags way too much. harsh criticism. mom and her facebook. school and their stupid rules.

JOURNAL ★ mostly about real life talks amongst other stuff. one or two memes are usually posted as well. fandom talk is kind of rare unless i am so obsessed with it which is around a month as i start out the series. i also post food recipes and a lot of voice post if you don't know me already. most post are ~*sparkly*~ and HYPERBOLIC. you have been warned (!?).

FRIENDING POLICY ✉ is really casual and you can just add me even if you didn't ask me beforehand. the friend request post is there for formalities and if you don't feel comfortable adding me directly. common interests would be nice though.

t h e o b a l d
24 May 2015 @ 03:37 pm

trading cardsCollapse )